• A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Is a Step Closer
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    Image credit:Shutterstock Research into a possible cure for type 1 diabetes has taken an "important step forward," according to the latest research by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The study, which was published in journals Nature Medicine and Nature Biotechnology on Monday, builds on work by the Harvard Stem Cell […]

  • Go for the Gold: 5 Business Principles to Learn From Olympians
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    The 2014 Sochi Olympics are underway and already there are a host of triumphs and failures from the winter games. The Olympics inspire the masses, but competitors have more that just inspiring back-stories and physical feats to offer us — they have important business parallels to impart. Here are five things every entrepreneur can learn […]

  • The Role of Luck in Business, Investing and Sports
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    This story first appeared in the March 2014 issue of Entrepreneur. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. From four-leaf clovers to bad bounces, March is loaded with luck–not all of it good. In his book The Success Equation, Michael J. Mauboussin, head of global financial strategies at Credit Suisse, examines the role of […]

  • Franchise Players: Don't Expect to Make Money Right Away
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    Franchise Players is Entrepreneur’s Q&A interview column that puts the spotlight on franchisees. If you’re a franchisee with advice and tips to share, email If you want to be a franchisee because you think it will be easy, stay out of the industry. Not everyone realizes how difficult starting up a franchise can be, says […]

  • What Donald Sterling's NBA Blowup Teaches Entrepreneurs
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    The NBA recently banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life due to racist remarks made during secretly-taped phone conversations with his girlfriend. There are four important lessons in his downfall for entrepreneurs: 1. You are what your track record says you are. This is not the first blip on the racism-radar screen for […]

  • How to Harness the Athlete's Mindset for Business Success
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    Like this article? Find more great tips by subscribing to my blog here. My dream growing up was to be a professional athlete and an Olympian. I worked for years toward accomplishing my dreams, leaving it all on the field, on the court and in the gym. I didn’t have a Plan B, and after […]